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    Ok, so I've got the Windows Script Debugger and I've enable server-side debugging on my IIS website. If I enable client-side debugging, the website does not function properly. But when I try to open a file, I can't set any breakpoints. If I use IE to get a file and then pull that into the debugger, all I get is the HTML sent from the server. How do I get the debugger to look at the vbscript code? Would it be better to run IIS on my local machine? If there's a better forum for these questions, please point me there.

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    Default To debug server-side code...

    ...the debugger *must* be running ON the server machine.<BR><BR>With HTTP (used by all browser-to-web-server requests), the *ONLY* thing that the web server *can* send back is HTML.<BR><BR>

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