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    Hi Folks,<BR> I have a page that is producing a list of reports based on search criteria selected by the user in the previous page. There are around 12 options to search by in the previous pae but if the user searches by customer on its own I get a timeout error for certain customers with lots of reports. Is the any way to time how long the page is taking and if it takes longer than say 10 seconds to stop and inform the user to go back to the search page and narrow down the search? Any help is much appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Neil.<BR>

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    Default you can do one of the two

    1) Increase the script timeout time by going to the properties of your virtual root --&#062; Virtual Directory.<BR><BR>Click on CONFIGURATION and then click on OPTIONS tab. The default timeout is 90 seconds but you can change it to some other value.<BR><BR>But still if the script is taking more than 90 seconds than there is something wrong somewhere. I will suggest a review of the code.<BR><BR>Now to answer your question on how to know how much time the script in the APS page is taking to execute.<BR><BR>At the top of your ASP page,<BR>var1 = now()<BR><BR>Then after the script, you can do something like,<BR>var2 = now() - var1<BR>response.write var2<BR><BR>OR something like.<BR><BR>Hope that helps!

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