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    I have just learnt ASP and am trying to create an online "elimination" type game. I start with 64 movies and try to end up with just one. <BR><BR>Round 1 has 32 matchups, 1vs2 3vs4 5vs6 7vs8 and so on. <BR>Round 2 will be 1or2 vs 3or4 and 5or6 vs 7or8 and so on.<BR>Round 3 will be 1or2or3or4 vs 5or6or7or8. <BR>As you can see by Round 5 will be 1or2or..32 vs 33or34or..64.<BR><BR>I am using Ifs to do this and it is getting very confusing. I am also using option buttons to POST the form to the next round page with the name of the movie as a link to open a new window with info on the movie. Is there an easier way to do this? I am starting to suffer from brain cramps! I&#039ve thought about a database but each movie info pop-up window contains a picture.

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    You can store images in a database! You can either:<BR> A. Store the actual image<BR> B. Store the path to the image on your server<BR><BR>I would opt for B, from a performance standpoint.<BR><BR>HTH,<BR><BR>JOHN

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