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    Can someone point to me to some resources with current prices for ASP/SQL programming. This is the first time I had an hourly budgetted job in quite some time... 4 years to be exact. So i&#039;m alittle behind here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR>alex

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    Default What are you worth?

    $25/hour? $100? Just my opinion but unless you need the $$ or you have low self-esteem, you need to always ask for what you are your worth. You can always come down...but you can go up :)<BR><BR>Another way to quote is by project. Figure out how much the project is worth. Say it&#039;s worth $5,000. You can give them a quote for $5,000...or say your $75/hr and it will take 60 hours. or you are $40/hr and it will take 125 hours to complete.<BR><BR>You should know the market rates in YOUR area. Ask programmers in your city. Call up a few agencies and ask them what they charge for ASP, they will tell you.

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