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Thread: editting files directly from a website

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    I was wondering if any knew of a way to allow files uploaded to a server to be editable by a user. More specifically, I have created a system to upload word documents to my website. Right now, I display a link (standard anchor tag <a href='fileName' target=_blank>fileDescription</a>)to each file and anyone can open them and save them to their hard drive. I would like to allow someone to open the file, make changes, and then save the file right back the server in one step.

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    Your browser is inherently disconnected from the server. You&#039;d have to upload the file in some form or fashion.<BR><BR>Besides, you really need to reconsider trying to offer this. It could end up being a huge security hole as well as an easy way for viruses to propagate themselves on your server.<BR>It is easy to hide destructive macros and binaries in MS Office files.

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