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    Default Hiding URL

    Is it possible to mask the url of an asp page to conceal its server location so that it cannot be obtained by right-clicking on the page.<BR><BR>i.e. have www.mysite.com/asppage.asp?valuename=secret<BR><BR>only viewable as www.mysite.com/asppage.asp.<BR><BR><BR>Alternatively (perhaps better) is it possible to have the viewable page named differently from that on the server, i.e. an asp page on the server called "page.asp" output to the users browser as "differentpage.asp" or "differentpage.htm" ?

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    Default you can encrypt

    the URL when sending it to the browser and then decrypt it when the web server recieves a request.<BR><BR>Look in the ASPFAQs for functions on Encryption-Decryption algoriths.<BR><BR>Though I don&#039;t think this is in any way necessary for security purposes. <BR><BR>Also if you don&#039;t want to send the name-value pair along with the querystring then you can store those values in Session variables and then pass them across pages.

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    Default What are you soo scared of

    let me ask you this what would you do if the user right clicked and clicked properties??<BR><BR><BR>

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