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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have read on that the FileSystemObject cannot be used to access files (text files) on users&#039; computers as it can only access file that are local (on the server) to it. I have also read that you can access files (text files) on remote computers provided the right security has been set up. This seems contradictory to me. Which is correct? Has anyone used the FileSystemObject to access files (text files) on users&#039; computers? How does one go about doing that? The examples I have found are based on writing to and reading from files on the server. Thanks!

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    the only time I have ever got it working on remote machines is when you physically map the drive of the remote machine to be a logical drive on the server.<BR><BR>ie my drive X: is mapped to your drive c:<BR><BR>jon

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    what happens when you are trying to access text files on a user&#039;s machine. <BR><BR>You need to <BR>a) have a user account on that machine<BR>b) the proper permissions to read, write, or otherwise manipulate files<BR>3) save these changes<BR><BR>With respect to local machines, this is easy. Just set the IUSR account to have access to the folder in question. But this is a one-way deal; in other words, EVERY single client that accesses your site needs to allow code to run (vbs, whatever) that manipulates their local files. This is not a viable solution, not to mention a gigantic security exploit.<BR><BR>Remote servers are usually a different scenario. You can specify a machine by name or IP and modify folders and files on it, as long as the remote server allows you to! <BR><BR>Finally, with ASP, you simply cannot traverse a user&#039;s local file system. You can only traverse the server&#039;s file system, and point to folders on remote machines that already allow the user access to that folder.<BR><BR>I&#039;m rambling, but I think I made my point. ;-)<BR>

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