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    A client wants me to redirect traffic coming to his site. He wants a database table with say ten urls in them. When a user goes to a page he wants the user redirecting to one of the urls listed in the table. The table must be looped picking each url sequentially. As the site is redirecting live traffic, I think looping through a recordset in ASP would be too much of an overhead. Someone did mention a conbined solution using SQL and arrays, but administering the array would be too cumbersome.<BR>Can anyone think of an efficient solution to this problem?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Darren

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    I don&#039;t think lopping through a recordset of 10, would be a vast overhead, and you could also store the number of the URL that the person visited in cookie, i.e. URL1 = 1, and then next time they visit test for a value and if it exists add 1, and redirect them to that URL that way you are only selecting 1 record, rather than looping through.<BR><BR>Paul

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