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    Hi ! <BR>I desperately need a help or a good advise ! <BR>I have a sql query on the home page (.asp ) that gets some data from the DB through the connection object in the record set. <BR>It takes only 3 seconds to run this query in Query Analyzer but it takes much longer for the page to load ( when the web server sends the request to sql server and gets the result back... ) <BR>And if there is a big traffic on the site then it takes forever for the home page to load. I tried to change the date range parameter in the query and make a request of the page executing it and noticed that this same query that pulls 24 records with a longer date range takes up to 100% of a CPU of the machine running sql server compare to 2-3% of the one that gets only 3 records. <BR>I am trying to optimize the query and may be make it a stored procedure that will be executed on the server but I have no idea how to measure it&#039;s efficiency and execution time from the WEB stand point of view. Is there any software that allows to simulate 100 web requests simultaneously and measure the time of page loading for a single request ? <BR>Or may be I am using the wrong approach to solving this problem ? <BR>Can anybody help ? <BR>Can anybody recommend a good resource on ASP+stored procedures ?<BR>Thank you.

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    Default You need to

    set up SQLProfiler and trace the stored procedure calls and analyze start, execution, and completion times. <BR><BR>In addition, Microsoft has a utility called the Web Stress Tester (or something like that). Its an executable that will simulate page requests like the one you mention. Search downloads for it...<BR><BR>HTH

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