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    Hello,<BR><BR> In my application i am using, Application object. It&#039s running in IIS properly. After re-installing the IIS, i am getting an error in the same application. It&#039s showing error "Object required: &#039Application(...)&#039". What&#039s the problem. Any problem with the settings?. Please tell me a solution to tackle the error.<BR><BR>Thanking you,<BR>Vinu.<BR>

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    it sounds like your global.asa isn&#039t getting fired. Duplicate the global.asa code in another page and try to run that page. If you find you app magically starts to work, then you know the problem. One thing that often causes this is when the virtual directory that contains the global.asa is not set an an application root. <BR><BR>hope this helps!<BR>

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