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    I have 2 tables in SQL database <BR>Table A :<BR>Id, referencenumber, filingdate, ... 46 other fields<BR><BR>Table B<BR>Reg_Id, Segment_Id, .... 3 other fields<BR><BR>(Reg_id is a references id of table A <BR> For each id in table A if x number of ids segments are available then we have x number of rows in table B)<BR><BR>i have an option of Download all in my asp page in which the user can download everything from these 2 tables in one csv file.<BR><BR>I had a program to do the same however coz of the loops involved when the data size increased my asp started crashing and giving script time out error.<BR><BR>Now i have 2 choices<BR>A) increase script time out time <BR>B) schedule a job where a transaction table is created at an appointed time which has all records of Table A and table B in it<BR><BR>Transaction table:<BR>Table A coulums, All segments as columns with value = Y in case corresp row exists in Table B else value = N<BR>I do not know how to do this .....<BR>can neone help ?<BR><BR>thanks in advance :D<BR><BR>

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    If you are running Win2K and IIS you can probably work something out with the Scheduler utility. Write an Access module that handles creating the joined table and then have the Scheduler trigger this job. My knowledge of VBA for Access is very limited so I&#039;m only guessing that this is possible.

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