i am working now on an asp.net application.<BR>this asp.net app is connected to a .net-service (another part of the whole application) - and this service sends events to the asp.net app via .net-remoting - the asp-application<BR>has to react to these events by changing values, redirecting sites etc. on the clients browser displays.<BR><BR>1. question<BR><BR>is it possible to build an additionally communication with javascript and socket (or something else) to fire event information to the clients ??<BR><BR>2. question<BR><BR>an alternative solution would be to make cyclic rereads in the database (the server-app will store the eventchanges in the database anyway).<BR>what is the best way to perform cyclic rereads of the page content without rereading the whole page (only send the changed data to the browser) ??<BR>if you have any ideas, thank you in advance.<BR><BR>regards, robert faschinger from Austria<BR>