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    You are developing a web site. Most users will not start at your home page. Most of the sites hits will come from search engines that will send users directly to a page in the site. How should you design the navigation bars for your site?<BR><BR>A. Put a row of global navigation buttons at the top of each page. <BR>B. Design a navigation bar based on sibling pages.<BR>C. Design a navigation bar based on the search engine.<BR>D. Use a frameset in which one frame contains navigation buttons.

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    I rule out D first as frames create problems(like bookmarking etc become erratic) of their own.<BR><BR>Then I rule out C. The site should be easy to navigate and the navigation shouldn&#039;t be decided based on what the search engines will direct to. For advertisement of a web site, I won&#039;t anyone to be a lot dependent on the search engines. Though I am not saying they don&#039;t play a role.<BR><BR>Now depending on the complexity web site A, B or a combination of A and B can be used. Many complex(bigger web sites) use two level of navigation. One is global and the other is local(section wise). For example you may look at the MICROSOFT web site.

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    Default Stop asking homework questions!

    Read your textbook.<BR><BR>Besides, that&#039;s an OPINION question, not a factual question.<BR><BR>You&#039;d better figure out what answer your teacher wants and give it. The teacher is always right. Even when the teacher is wrong.<BR><BR>

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