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    CBloch Guest

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    I have an application where I am accumulating data in session variables. I am trying to integrate with another application which turns off the sessions with ENABLESESSIONSTATE false at the<BR>top of the page. As I suspected, it looks like my session data<BR>disappears by the time it gets back into my application.<BR><BR>Is is possible to make the ENABLESESSIONSTATE conditional?<BR>Is there another solution other than save all the session data on the server for the time I am in the other application?

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    Option 1: Explicitly set a bunch of cookies on the user&#039s side with your information. Hopefully you&#039re not storing anything huge anyway, right?<BR><BR>Option 2: Give them a unique database record and a single cookie to identify it (that&#039s really all a session is, anyway). The catch is that you then have to figure out how to identify your users uniquely independent of their unique session identifiers...<BR><BR>Performance degrades from there, as far as I know.

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