Hello people, I have an issue with displaying dates on a <BR>chart that I&#039;m working on. I have to allow <BR>the user to select to and from dates before displaying the <BR>report/chart. When they select the to and from dates I <BR>have to plot values for the chart and list dates at the <BR>bottom. According to the standard for these reports there <BR>seems to be 23 points plotted for each legend item and 12 <BR>dates displayed at the bottom of the chart. Each legend <BR>item is in a database with a date and values assigned to <BR>it. Now what I need to know is how do I list the 12 dates <BR>at the bottom to correspond with the from and to dates. I <BR>also have to read the db values for each legend item and <BR>plot the point as necessary in between the 12 dates. I <BR>know its alot but my first question would be how would you <BR>list the 12 dates at the bottom if you&#039;re being given 2 by <BR>the user. And the 2 can be dynamic. Any advice?<BR>