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    john doe Guest

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    i am a asp beginner.<BR>but i only developed in access.<BR>is there a big diffrence betewn the DBS:<BR>access and the ORACLE?!<BR><BR>i mean in syntax, and functions & properties...<BR><BR>bye bye..thanks<BR><BR>i will appricate a link to learn from...<BR>a good one!<BR>:-)<BR><BR>thank you...

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    If you&#039ve developed Access through ASP, then there&#039s very little difference between the Access and Oracle in terms of language (it&#039s all SQL, it&#039s all good).<BR><BR>If you&#039ve actually used Access to write your stuff, you may find that there&#039s a fair amount of difference, due to the fact that Access uses some wacky (and explicitly non-SQL syntax to do SQL things).<BR><BR>I don&#039t know a whole lot about Oracle; just more about Access then I ever wanted to.

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