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    Hi Guys,<BR><BR>I am web designer cum .asp developer, Now I am hearing lots of news and success stories about the .NET and I am too much inquisitive to know more about the .NET program etc.<BR><BR>In this regards I am thinking to take a course for .NET but to do ASP.NET you need to know first VB.NET, which is I don&#039;t have. In this context what do you suggest the best of the best possible way to learn ASP.NET or if I take up VB.NET course fist and then do ASP.NET would be easy to understand or not as I am more less designer then programmer. But I wish to be my career as a programmer and UI integrate as well as contents accessibility manager.<BR><BR>Thanks and regards.

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    If you are already reasonably proficient with VBScript VB.NET is not *too* hard to learn.<BR><BR>The best place to start learning ASP.NET development - in my ever so humble opinion - is the Quickstart tutorials:<BR><BR><BR><BR>These lessons were created by Microsoft to help developers get up to speed quickly with this new technology.<BR><BR>There&#039;s also some good &#039;grounding-level&#039; lessons at to help you learn the basics.

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