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    I&#039m trying to find the best way to use a drop down list and the OnChange event to dynamically display values from a recordset into other text boxes.<BR><BR>For example, if a person selects Microsoft from the drop down list all information pertaining to Microsoft is displayed in other text boxes (ie. address, city, state, etc.).<BR><BR>When the user first loads the page I want to store the results of the entire recordset(all companies) into a multi-dimensional array or hidden fields then change the values of the text boxes without resubmitting the form.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?

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    First, populate client side arrays of the results that you want to display.<BR><BR>Implement an onChange event on your drop down list that passes the selected value to a client side function.<BR><BR>The function selects an array based on the value it has received, and writes it to your results field<BR><BR>javascript&#039d do it best.<BR>I posted some sample code about this last week.<BR>The question was something like "how to make the result of a drop-down menu null"<BR><BR>Or check out Thau on, he has a good javascript tutorial

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    Have you thought about using a disconnected recordset instead of arrays? You can always relink the recordset after you&#039ve finished but while you&#039re dealing with the client request, the data manipulation is all clientside without calls to the server.

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