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    Good morning,<BR><BR>I am trying to educate myself in the use of the two Persist components referenced above. However, Persist seems to do a terrible job of presenting information about these components on their Web site.<BR><BR>Would anyone visiting this message board happen to know where a complete reference might be on the Net for these components?<BR><BR>Thanks for any assistance.

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    Persits does provide these docs and I have found them quite useful. For AspUpload you can find them here at their website:<BR><BR><BR><BR>And although they don&#039;t seem to provide the manual for AspJpeg on their you can install their product or demo, and at the end of the installation you can check a box to "View the documention" or it also adds a group to your programs menu to the docs.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not aware of any others docs out there.<BR><BR>

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