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    Hi friends,<BR><BR> Let me Explain u my problem...<BR> We have a scenario where in we are extracting data from database and putting in<BR> in excel file in asp.net web application. During this process<BR> we want to display the user with a messsage stating that the data<BR> is getting downloaded to excel. After the download is complete we<BR> need to display the user that downloading is sucessful.<BR> We tried to solve this in the following way.<BR> <BR> We had put a label in form intially disabled. on click of download button<BR> we made the visibility property of the label to true and set text of the label to<BR> "Downloading please wait"<BR> After the code for downloading the data is there.<BR> Atfter the completion of download we are changing the text of the label to <BR> "Downloaded successfully"<BR> But the problem is it is not showing the intial text of lable("Downloading please wait")<BR> but it is text of lable("Download successful") after fininshing of downloading.<BR> Below is the code used for achieving the above motive.<BR> 1. Create aspx page with a button (name is Button1) and a label(Visbility set to false) (name is lable1) <BR> 2. On click of button i have below code.<BR> <BR> Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click<BR><BR> Dim i As Integer<BR> Label1.Text ="Downloading please wait"<BR> Label1.Visible = True<BR> <BR> For i = 0 To 100<BR> Response.Write(i & "<BR>")<BR> Next<BR><BR> Label1.Text = "Download successful."<BR> <BR> End Sub<BR><BR> After the clicking the button it is not showing the message "Downloading please wait" <BR> After finishing the loop till 100 it is showing the message "Download sucessful"<BR> <BR> I want to display the intial message and carry on printing the values in a loop and after the loop ends<BR> i want to dispaly success message. <BR><BR><BR> please suggest me appropriate solution for the above problem mentioned. I need this very urgent.<BR><BR><BR> Thankx in Advance<BR> Ramprasad

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