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    Hi there, <BR><BR>Can anyone tell me how to display a random row from a specific<BR>table located inside a dataset?<BR>I have a dataset with a table containg about 20 records I want<BR>to pick one record and display it (using a asp:datalist)<BR>I tried creating a separate dataset with a table containing just<BR>that one row (record) but i get an error saying that the row i chose already belongs to another table.<BR>Any thoughts on how to do any of the above?<BR><BR>thanks

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    If you just want a single row then I would do something like this, decalre a new ROW varaible, set it to the row in your dataset with something like myRow = myDataSet.Tables("myTable").Rows(YourIndexValue), then do myLabel.Text = myRow("columnName1") &("columnName2")

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