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    Hi, I have the below code on an asp page. The asp page first updates a database with form values input by the user on a previous page. The below code then emails the user at the email address input on the form, with some info.<BR>The database updates fine, and the code below sends the email out fine for every email address I have tested it with, except my client&#039;s email address! Why is it working for some email addresses input on the form and not others? The &#039;problem&#039; email address is on Broadband - will this make a difference? If you have any debugging suggestions I would be very pleased to hear! Thanks<BR>&#060;%<BR>Dim objMail<BR>Set objMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><BR>objMail.From = ""<BR><BR>objMail.Subje ct = "CRANE IN A BOX ACCESS CODE"<BR><BR>objMail.To = request.Form("Email")<BR><BR>objMail.Importance=1< BR><BR>objMail.Body = "Thank you for your enquiry from the Crane In A Box Website. Your password and access codes are as follows:-" &_<BR>"Password= " & Request.Form("Username") & vbcrlf & "Access Code= " & Request.Form("Coda") & vbcrlf &_<BR>"Return to"<BR><BR>objMail.Send()<BR><B R>Response.Write ("The database has been updated and an email has been sent to:" & Request.Form("Email"))<BR><BR>set objMail=nothing<BR><BR> %&#062;

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    What do you mean by:<BR>"&#039;problem&#039; email address is on Broadband - will this make a difference?"

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