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    &nbsp;<BR>Please give me some resources on internet about the http post.<BR><BR>

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    What you&#039;re asking is web server specifics... Apache and IIS do "posts" and "gets". It&#039;s a standard implementation.<BR><BR>The only reason you would need to know this stuff is if you start writing your own web server.... and basically all that is is:<BR><BR>write a multithreaded "listening" program<BR>verfiy text through a port<BR>find the page requested, and send the information back<BR><BR><BR>That&#039;s all it is.... POST and GET are just methods that code happens to use in its request.<BR><BR>BROWSER: I&#039;m POSTING data to you, do something with it<BR>SERVER: OK, I&#039;ll GET something back to you<BR>BROWSER: OK

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