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    I am stressed at university. nothing new i guess. for my assignment I have to create a web based multiple choice assessment system. However I am struggling in ways I can implement this. <BR><BR>This is the scenario:<BR><BR>Initially create a database that holds 4 categories of questions. each containg 30 or more questions. The final package will start by presenting the user with a set of questions to configure the operation of the system. These questions are:<BR>1.How many questions the test will have?<BR>2.How long the duration of the test (in minutes)<BR>3.How many marks for each correct answer.<BR>4.How many negative marks for a wrong answer?<BR>5.Maintenance option: <BR> a) Add question to database AND how many answer options should the question have?<BR> b)Delete question from database<BR> c) Edit question in Database<BR> d) Review questions in database<BR><BR>Once question 1,2,3 & 4 are answered, the system should randomly chose an equal number of questions from each categaory shown above and create a temporary database to supply the randomly chosen questions to be used in the test.<BR><BR>Once the preliminary work is completed, the system should start the test by displaying a graphical user interface.<BR><BR><BR>THATS THE WORK I HAVE TO DO&#060; but i need a hand. how do i do this?<BR><BR><BR>im thinking of using asp and dreamweaver mx linked to an access database, however i am not expert at this, im not brilliant at programming..<BR><BR>thanks for taking time to read this <BR><BR>please help<BR><BR>

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    Whats the point of going to Uni if you are going to get other people to do your work for you?<BR><BR>This is a fair sized task, so I doubt you are going to get a solution here, maybe a few pointers, I would suggest you find an article / tutorial on "On-line Examination in ASP" or something like that!<BR><BR>Start at Google

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