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    Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me with this though I&#039;m not sure if HTML is the right thing to use...<BR><BR>Basically, I need a program/script that refreshes a given web page every 5 minutes and checks to see if the information on it has changed in any way. If there is no change then no action needs to be taken and the page should refresh again in another 5 minutes. If there is a change however then I need to be alerted in some way - either by a sound from the speakers on my PC or ideally by a text message being sent to my mobile phone (though maybe this is not possible - I have no idea)!<BR><BR>Does anyone have any idea how to approach this please? Any help that people can give would be greatly appreaciated.<BR><BR>Kumar

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    Default XmlHttp

    It is an object in the Microsoft XML Parser. Your is a common task. Here is a sample to get you started:<BR><BR>

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