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    After playing with these buttons in IE and Netscape, i am almost certain they are not the same. <BR>while IE refresh button Reloads the page always from the *server* irrespective of settings in tools/Internet options/settings , Netscape does not bring it from the server when Reload button is pressed. <BR><BR>The only way to ensure netscape brings a page from the server is to ( SHIFT + Relaod ). <BR><BR>but that raises another problem. the javascript window.location.reload(); does not work the same for IE and netscape. as explained, IE brings it from server netscape does not. <BR><BR>now my Q. is my observation right ? and what&#039;s the 100% sure way in netscape that it brings the page from the server from a javascript ? <BR><BR>thanks for any comments u may have will be useful.<BR>thanks <BR>milind

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    I&#039;m not sure your findings are 100% accurate.<BR><BR>Pressing refresh in IE does not ALWAYS reload the page from the server. In fact, pressing reload generally uses cached versions. Control-Refresh (or Ctrl-F5) generally forces a refresh.<BR><BR>Netscape I can&#039;t say - haven&#039;t played too much with how it handles things like that.<BR><BR>However, I would say that whether it DEFINATELY gets it is more down to how the system makes the request, and how all the systems between it and the server are targeted. Theoretically, any router/proxy between the two could serve a cached version of the page and the client wouldn&#039;t know the difference.<BR><BR>However, if you investigate the JavaScript Location object a bit more, you&#039;ll find that the "reload" method has an optional parameter - force.<BR><BR><BR>function reloadPage(){<BR> self.location.reload(true);<BR>}<BR><BR><BR>Craig.

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