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    Hello everyone,<BR>Need a little guidance - I have an email form that no longer works (it appears to work fine but doesn&#039;t send the email). We just migrated the site from an NT 4.0 machine to Win 2000. Any quick ideas on what the problem might be? I am not looking at the machine, but I&#039;ll be working on it after work. I won&#039;t be able to answer any cofig questions until then, but if anyone has any likely ideas I would appreciate it much.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>dave

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    Are you using CDONTS? If so, I came a problem with that the other day. If you are running your site in high isolated process in IIS. CDONTS will not run. It also wont give you an error. ALso check to make sure the SMTP server is running. If you aren&#039;t using CDONTS, what are you using?

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