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    I am developing an ASP application in which the user enters some information in screen A. After processing this information, I display screen B. But the processing sometimes takes a while, so I want to display a screen between A and B that says "Please wait..." or " Processing....". In the interim, I&#039;ll do the processing while that screen is displayed, then automatically switch to screen B when ready. I want to avoid any client-side scripting, so I need to process the information on the server and pass it to the client when it&#039;s ready.<BR><BR>

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    Default there are hundreds of

    example all over the web. You need to search for it.<BR><BR>I will suggest a search on "Wait Window" on Google and you will get plenty of examples.

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    One thing you can do is a move to the new page write the top of the page so the user can see something then do a <BR>response.flush <BR>to display it Then do your calculations<BR>

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