This is more of a design question...<BR><BR>I have a Pervasive DB. Each order in this DB, when completed, has a pdf associated with it. What I do is loop through the DB and build the path to the file based on what results I get back. Then I check and see if the file exists. if it does, I display the file for download. But, what I would like to do, when the file is downloaded by someone, is to tag the file as having already been downloaded. Then display it on another page.<BR><BR>So, my questions is this...How should i tag the file as having been downloaded? Should store the path to all downloaded files in a text file..loop through and not display whatever paths i find in there?...or should created a "field" of sorts in the DDF (pervasive DB) and check it when a file has been downloaded? The second option could get complex, because I don&#039;t really have access to the DDF, so, it may not be possible at all. Or is there another way to do it that I may be unaware of. Thanks for taking a look<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR> Harry C