Hi All,<BR>I am building a web application now that will consist of a number of pages. the pages will all have the same layout. ie. a top menu bar, a left nav bar, and a content section. at runtime i want to generate the content for the nav bar depending on certain things, and the content section will be dynamically generated each time too.<BR><BR>previously i would have used webclasses to accomplish something like this. i would have buitl all the pretty HTML and inserted 3 token @TOP, @LEFT, & @CONTENT into the html page and saved this as my template for all the other pages to use. at runtime i would replaced the tokens with dynamically generated content.<BR><BR>how would i do the same thing in asp.net ?<BR><BR>which is a better approach to use ... user controls ? page inheritance ? token replacement ?<BR><BR>if i want to generate the same looking grid on each and every page in the applicaiton ... how would i do this ? if i change the grid in one plavce i want to cascade throughout the entire application. should i just use something like the writer to write out a string containing the html ? or build a custom grid control that inherits from the datalist control ?<BR><BR>any ideas ... suggestions ... reference to articles ... etc would be VERY welcomed.<BR><BR>cheers<BR>Ryan CrawCour<BR><BR>you can contact me directly on ryancrawcour@msn.com.<BR>