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    Clinton Guest

    Default Testing validity of Web addresses

    Is it possible to check if a web address is still active?.<BR>My company has collected a list of interresting web addresses and would like to publish the list on our intranet, but only working addresses must be displayed.

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    Jim Andrews Guest

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    You might try something like the ASPHttp component, or any other "HTTP ripper" component that&#039s out there. You could get the contents of your link page, and based on what&#039s returned (you could look for the text "404" for example) you could either display the link or not. I would suggest, however, that you have this run every so often, rather than on the ASP page itself.<BR><BR>In fact, I would have the links in a DB, and have a Windows Scripting Host file or a VB program check the links periodically, and mark them active or inactive based on what it finds...

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