hi,<BR>i have a dataset with to tables that are related to each other.<BR>i&#039;m trying to delete some rows from my datasets child table.<BR><BR>first i fill my parent table with some rows.<BR>theni fill my child table with some rows.<BR>then i call the parent_adapter.update method for that one.<BR>my datarelation now connects both tables together.<BR><BR>then i like to delte some rows fom my child table<BR>using<BR><BR>For I=0 to datasetChildTableRows<BR> if dataset.tables("mytable").rows(I).isNull("myCol") then <BR> dataset.tables("mytable").rows(I).Delete()<BR> end if<BR>next<BR><BR>after that i like to call my<BR>child_adapter.update method<BR><BR>so,<BR>when i execute this loop then i get an error at the "if" statement or any other point i&#039;m trying to access the row by my var "I".<BR>it says rows(I) out of range.<BR>it seems like when i delete the row, immediately the row is really removed and my "I" variable that points to the next row can&#039;t find it because now my total count of rows has changed.<BR><BR>the documentation sais that a row in a dataset is only marked as deleted. so why can&#039;t my loop find the next row?<BR>how can i delte those rows?<BR><BR>thank you<BR>alex<BR>