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    Does any body know how to call an image to an asp page depending on what the recordset returns : example &#062; I have a 7 different location images, where the employee is based out of, I need the image to change with the location, the image can not be a database pointer, sql Server, (( ADMIN IS A STUBORN MAN ))<BR><BR>&#060;%=(pgall.Fields.Item("facility").V alue)%&#062; calls on the image<BR><BR>Location Shands at LAKE VIEW will call LAKE VIEW image (LkView.jpg)<BR><BR>Location Shands at STARKE will call lake STARKE image (STARKE.jpg)<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>

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    &#060;img src="&#060;%= rs("image") %&#062;" /&#062;

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    What exactly to you mean by &#039;Image can not be a database pointer&#039;?? <BR><BR>I would store the URL in a field in the database, but that&#039;s not allowed?

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