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    Hi<BR><BR>I need to display the label&#039;s and textboxes/pulldowns, dependent on a particular option that is selected in a pulldown.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how i can make elements visiable/invisable dependent on this ? I do not want to refresh the page serverside.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>youeee

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    Default Can't do it crossbrowser

    Netscape (at least version 4) won&#039;t let you hide/show form elements separately. (You can hide/show an *entire* form, but not just one or two fields.)<BR><BR>With MSIE, of course, it is easy:<BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/?url=/workshop/author/dhtml/reference/objects/input_text.asp<BR><BR>and look at the property "visibility".<BR><BR>

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