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    I have an asp with 2 combo boxes. Based on the user's selection in the first combo, I want to populate the second. Since asp doesn't support events, I am considering adding client-side VBScript to capture the combo1 click event. Upon capturing this event, I wish to reload the asp whereby I can populate the second combo box. Anyone with a similar issue or any comments as to whether this will work or another solution?

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    I use a javascript to do this.<BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript"&#062;<BR>function chkdata ( form ) {<BR>if ( form.pid.selectedIndex == -1 ) {<BR> alert("Please select Prospect.");<BR> document.salescall.pid.focus();<BR> return false;<BR>} else {<BR>// ok;<BR> }<BR><BR>}; // end function <BR>--&#062;<BR>&#060;/script&#062;

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