export data, please help?

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Thread: export data, please help?

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    marion Guest

    Default export data, please help?

    I need to export data from acces in a excel or lotus file via the web.<BR>Can you help me?<BR>Marion<BR>email:mderiviere@fr.ibm.com

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    Neil Popham Guest

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    The easiest way i can think of would be to use the FileSystemObject to WRITE the data to a CSV file - which i know can be opened by excel (dunno about lotus 123 but i would expect so)<BR><BR>the file could then be saved off in XLS format if really necessary.<BR><BR><BR>actually, i&#039ve just done a test - and if you save it as TAB delimited (with text qualifiers [dunno if this is necessary]) you can save it as a .XLS and it will open as a spreadsheet... cool<BR><BR><BR>hth<BR><BR>neil<BR><BR><BR>

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