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    I am sure you can pass values between functions on the same page. But what am I doing wrong??<BR><BR>Dim sql, BAID As String<BR><BR> Do While myReader.Read = True<BR> tMonths = DateDiff("m", myReader(2), Now())<BR> BAID = myReader(0)<BR> Select Case tMonths<BR> Case Is &#060; 6<BR> Call RAPLess6mo(BAID)<BR> Case 6 To 59<BR> Call RAP6mo(BAID)<BR> Case Is &#062;= 60<BR> Call RAP5yr(BAID)<BR> End Select<BR><BR>error message= "Too many arguments to Public Sub RAPLess6mo()"<BR>any ideas???

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    Where you are retrieving the value from the reader:<BR><BR> BAID = myReader(0) <BR><BR>That is actually getting an entire ROW of data.<BR><BR>The actual syntax should be:<BR><BR> BAID = reader.Item("yourColumnName")

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