Hi,<BR><BR>I created ASP.Net project using VB.Net (code behind), with the SQL2000 database. It works fine at my computer. To test an application, I added a WebSetup project and created setup project for this application. After installing it at the same (development) computer, it worked OK.<BR>But when this project was installed at the clients PC, it didn’t work. The very first (login.aspx) page displayed correctly, next the user entered username & password and opens TestLogin.aspx page. The IIS gave such error: “HTTP 405 - Resource not allowed<BR>“. <BR>The application should write some data into a database at the first page (Login.aspx) and the second one (TestLogin.aspx). In spite the Login.aspx was loaded correctly and tried to open the second page, none of the data was written into a database.<BR><BR>I found at MSOFT Knowledge Base one article: “INFO: Permissions to Connect to a Remote Access Database from ASP.NET”<BR>http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q307901<BR>which seems to describe my problem. The only one difference: it related to MS Access database (I am using MS SQL2000 database and this database was properly attached to the clients SQL server.). My connection string as follows: "server=MYServer;database=KNASP;uid=sa;pwd=".<BR>< BR>This article contains some topics related to the Microsoft Jet database engine, so I am not sure how to configure my database.<BR><BR>If someone has an idea, I would greatly appreciate your help.<BR>