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    Hi there I&#039;m trying to learn so I&#039;m just trying to run some small examples,problem is when I try to run the pages my browser won&#039;t display anything and if I try to view source it shows me all the asp code <BR>and I know the code is right because i&#039;m taking directly from a book so can anybody tell me if I missed any thing.<BR>I&#039;m using visual <BR><BR>thanx<BR>aj

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    Have you installed the .NET framework, if you have, check in IIS to see that the ASP part of the installation occurred properly.<BR><BR>Best way to do that is to right-click on your default web site and get the properties, from there, on the HomeDirectory tab, click configuration - check to see that mappings for ASP.Net related files have been created (.aspx, .ascx,.asmx etc.).

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