Hi,<BR> <BR>I&#039m currently trying to find some info on out putting form fields from an Access database into tables like 2 sets of 3 columns X ? rows.<BR><BR>So for example I have a database named "MyDatabase" with a table called products with field1, field2 and field3 but I just want to display field 2 in the first table that has a particular number i.e "2" in field3.<BR>The next table will start below the first and will be exactly the same except it will display field2 that has the number "3" in field3.<BR><BR>I want to output the results of the query&#039s into two tables that has 3 columns with a loop to output the rows depending on how many records are available.<BR>The results have to be placed into these columns(3) and then carry on and form more rows as determined by the amount of records available but keeping within the three columns.<BR><BR>Your help would be very much appreciated.<BR><BR>rAd