Thanks for reading my post. I&#039;m having a dandy of an issue and at the end of my rope.<BR><BR>I had been developing web apps under VID/Win2K Pro, no big whoop. I&#039;ve already developed .Net Windows forms apps, and the two IDEs are installed side by side.<BR><BR>Yesterday I decided to convert one of my web apps to ASP.Net. So I created a C# web app and wrote some code, saved, then tried to reopen the project.<BR><BR>I was met with the following error:<BR>Unable to create web project "blahblah" - the file path doesnt correspond with the URL http://localhost/blahblah (etc etc).<BR><BR>MS&#039;s support kb says to create a new folder at the root and assign it VS Developer permissions (ensuring that the logged in user is a member of that group), and point the project to that folder. This didnt work.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve also seen disabling AutoDetect settings under Internet options, re-installing the .Net framework, and re-registering the ASP.Net DLL with -c and -i switches. NONE of these work. <BR><BR>But the worst part about it is NOW not even my VID projects work, and when I try to pull up my pages using Localhost or I&#039;m getting 404 errors. IIS is running, and nothing unusual shows up in the Event Viewer. So basically I have no IIS, no nuttin.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve also tried:<BR>- reinstalling FPExtensions<BR>- reconfiguring FPExtensions<BR>- deleting and rebuilding webs<BR><BR>and everything fails. Does anyone have any other ideas besides reinstalling IIS?<BR>