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    Paul A. Guest

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    Hi everyone,<BR>I&#039m new to this and have some very simple questions. <BR>Is asp code added to my html pages that I create in PageMill? Or, is it like a cgi script where the script has to be placed in a cgi-bin?<BR>How do I name the page that has asp?<BR>Do I need to create the asp code in a special program?<BR>Where can I find a step by step instructions on the net?<BR>Thanks for any help!<BR>Paul<BR><BR><BR>

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    peterjl@austec.net.au Guest

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    Yes you create an Html page with any editor and save it with .asp extension. Then you place the line:<BR> &#060;%@language=VbScript%&#062;<BR>at the top to tell the server how to interpret the page.<BR><BR>Then you place vbscript between "&#060;%" and "%&#062;", strategically placed with in html structures. If you want to insert the value of a VBScript variable you do this &#060;%=MyVar%&#062;.<BR><BR>If you look www.msdn.com you can search for the VBScript reference, which tells you about the commands and objects available. Also look up the index on www.msdn.com and browse through the section on Active Server Pages, and theSession, Request and Response objects.<BR><BR>You can use JavaScript instead of VBScript, but VBS is not case-sensitive, so it tends to be easier to get it right.<BR><BR>You can add the ASP code using any text editor, but it will be heavy-going. If you use something like MS Visual Interdev, if gives you context-sensitive hints as you type, so that you shouldn&#039t use the wrong properties or methods with the different objects, which can be a bit confusing at first.<BR><BR>You must, of course, run your ASP&#039s through a compatable web server (ie not from you disk). You can use Personal Web Server or IIS, and there are a couple of others that understand ASP.<BR><BR>If you are a perl expert you can install ActiveState Perl which includes PerlScript as an alternative to VBS or JS.<BR><BR>For good books on the subject look up www.wrox.com. Professional Active Server Pages 2.0 is among the best.<BR><BR>Good Luck

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