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    To search for a file, on my ASP page, I have : &#060;input type=file ……&#062;<BR>This gives a combination of “a textbox AND Browse button”. Then click on Browse gives a popup window “Choose file”. This window seems created on a fly <BR>My questions:<BR>-How can I disable textbox but keep Browse button enabled? Because if I have: &#060;input disabled type=file …..” then both textbox & Browse button are disabled <BR>-How to make the “Look in” listbox default to a specific directory & also disabled ? <BR>-Once I select a file, “Choose file” window is closed & the selected file location is displayed in the textbox. But if I check value of textbox by “View Source” or “Response.Write…”, it shows a blank string? Why?<BR>

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    (Yes, you *did* mention it was posted both places. Thank you.)<BR><BR>

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