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    I have a list box containing user names. The user can select multiple persons for the list box. On the next page I need to write a loop that will add a new record to a table that will contain the selected's name and record number. I can't store them all together as one record so I need to write a loop to add a new record to the database for each person selected. The problem is that I don't know how really. Thanks

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    Default Use the array

    If your list box is named mylistbox, then it's going to be posted to the next page (assuming you're using method=post on your form) as an array named mylistbox. Loop through all elements within mylistbox... mylistbox(0) through mylistbox(n) where n is last element and insert your records by using the mylistbox(x).value.

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    For Each field in Request.Form<BR>Response.Write field & " = " & Request.Form(field)<BR>Next<BR><BR>in short:<BR>For Each element in collection<BR>...<BR>Next<BR>

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