Hi Guys and Gals,<BR><BR>Has anyone ever experienced this error?<BR><BR>Server: Msg 7623, Level 17, State 1, Line 1<BR>Full-text query failed because full-text catalog &#039;FTC&#039; is not yet ready for queries.<BR><BR>Basically, I&#039;ve set up a Full Texrt catalog on SQL serv 7.0 It only has One table indexed in the Catalog, and seems to be setup correctly (I&#039;ve done this many times before:-))<BR><BR>However, for some reason, this time I get the above error when trying to run a containstable query.<BR><BR>SELECT KEY_TBL.RANK, tipID, tip1Title, tip1Data FROM tblCavTips AS FT_TBL INNER JOIN CONTAINSTABLE(tblCavTips, *, &#039;"Engine Snow Tyres"&#039;) AS KEY_TBL ON FT_TBL.tipID = KEY_TBL.[KEY] ORDER BY KEY_TBL.RANK DESC<BR><BR>Does anyone know why this may be? Any help is appreciated!<BR><BR>thnx!<BR>D.<BR>