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    hi,<BR>i posted to the other asp mboard with no reponse, so i thought i would ask u advanced people. i want to check if jscript is enabled on the client browser without verifying on startup page. if they re-enable, i want to determine on reload. anyways, i tried vbscript in noscript:<BR>&#060;NOSCRIPT&#062;<BR>&#060;% jsEnalbled=false<BR>response.write "disabled"%&#062;<BR>however, the switch was reset no matter if enabled or not. but. funny enuff, the disabled wouldn&#039t write when enabled...<BR>this does not make sense to me... if anyone can help or suggest other ways, i would greatly appreciate it...<BR>thanx in advance,<BR>steve<BR>

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    You can&#039t test for JavaScript/JScript on a web server *before* sending a page down to a user. Your ASP script is running on the web server -- unless you&#039ve previously determined that the user has enabled client-side scripting, your script will have no way of knowing whether it is supported or not.

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