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    OK, im banging my head against the wall now.<BR><BR>I have the following code which seemed very simple:<BR><BR>If Not rs("UID") = Request.Cookies("ID") Then<BR> Response.Redirect("error.asp?Type=Access")<BR>End If<BR><BR>However, no matter if the two values are equal or not it ALWAYS redirects to the error page.<BR><BR>All i need it to do is if they arent equal then to send the user off to the error page.<BR><BR>It must be late :(

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    Default Why not do something simpler:

    If clng(rs("UID")) &#060;&#062; clng(Request.Cookies("ID"))<BR><BR>

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    Default Or you may try this as well...

    If (Not rs("UID") = Request.Cookies("ID")) Then <BR> Response.Redirect("error.asp?Type=Access") <BR>End If <BR>

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