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    Default Problem connecting to a remote database

    I&#039;m having trouble connecting to a database located on another machine. The error text is just that it can&#039;t open the database. Below is the code I&#039;m using. I&#039;ve tried various things in the Remoted Server and Data Source lines with no success. One example I saw had the two being the same, except the Data Source didn&#039;t have the HTTP prefix, but I would think the server name has to be somewhere. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.<BR><BR>dim oConn<BR>set oConn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>oConn.Open "Provider=MS Remote;" & _<BR>"Remote Server=HTTP://;" & _<BR>"Remote Provider=SQLOLEDB;" & _<BR>"Data Source=TestServer;" & _<BR>"Initial Catalog=TestDatabase;" & _<BR>"User ID=test;" & _<BR>"Password=password"<BR>

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    Default Using IP address is legit...

    ...but I don&#039;t think that you would then use the HTTP: protocol!<BR><BR>Try just leaving out the "HTTP://" and going with the bare IP address?<BR><BR>

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