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    Hi,<BR>I&#039;ve set up on my computer running 2000 server. I am trying to connect to the Pubs Database on SQL Server 2000 using an ASP.NET page written in VB<BR>When I try and create my ADOConnection object using<BR>Dim thisConnection As ADOConnection<BR>thisConnection=New ADOConnection<BR>I get the error message<BR>Type is not defined &#039;ADOConnection&#039;<BR>I have the &#060;%@Import Namespace System.Data %&#062;<BR>and &#060;%Import Namespace System.Data.ADO %&#062;<BR>directives in my file<BR>When I look at the detailed compiler information<BR>it says "The Namespace or type ADO for the Import System.Data.ADO cannot be found<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas on how I can rectify this

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    There&#039;s no System.Data.ADO namespace.<BR><BR>When working with SqlServer you need to work with classes found in the System.Data and (more particularly) the System.Data.SqlClient namespaces.<BR><BR>Take a look at the documentation for the SqlConnection class which can be found in the System.Data.SqlClient namespace.<BR><BR>Good Luck!

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    Default And to clear up any confusion....

    There was a System.Data.ADO namespace...But it was several years ago. It disappered after Beta 1.

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