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    Hi! friends can anyone of u please help me with the answer to the following question.I would be highly thankful for the help.<BR>you can e-mail me at-cyberman@myrealbox.com<BR><BR><BR>Produce an E-R diagram, which documents the entities and relationships involved in the generation of a Telephone bill with different slab rates (as per the number of calls). Create a relational schema to held information and perform normalization to the tables and fully implement the code using MS-Access/FOXPRO/DBASE or any similar package. Provide necessary documentation for the project.<BR>Note : Assumptions can be made wherever necessary<BR>

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    Do your own homework. That&#039;s what you go to class for.

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    Default ''asif'' is a good name for hi

    "As-If" he would ever learn anything.<BR><BR>"As-If" he would ever want to do any work on his own.<BR><BR>(And if "Asif" is really his name, then I apologize for the bad word-play. I was assuming it was a "nickname" or "handle".)<BR><BR>

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